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At Sis Upholstery we are equipped to handle all of your commercial needs, whether large or small. In our many years of experience we have become familiar with a variety of settings and industries that need upholstery services, including:

  • Retail – Booths, Benches, Chairs
  • Restaurants
  • Business / Office
  • Health Care – Medical, Dental, Group Homes
  • Entertainment – Stadiums, Theaters
  • Education – Universities & Schools
  • Correctional Facilities – Padded Cells, Mattresses
  • Flag Repair
  • Recover Sound Panels
  • Many Others
Our most common commercial upholstery jobs include commercial seating, which is broken into two segments:
  • Recovering seating you presently have
  • Building from new

Existing seating:
If your existing seating is worn through, uncomfortable to sit on, or the décor of the room has changed, Sis Upholstery is able to work with you to provide the best solutions for your situation and at the same time provide a variety of choices and estimates to fit your needs. A common existing seating example can be found in the restaurant industry. Booths wear through at different rates, when one needs recovering our skilled upholsterers are able to match the existing vinyl, making a complete overhaul of all booths unnecessary, saving the restaurant money.

New seating:
When it comes to new projects, Sis Upholstery works with you, your architect or designer to achieve the perfect seating for the new project. After reviewing the blueprints, we collaborate with the wood manufacturer and designer to make precise seating arrangements. This includes both structural and seating suspension design.

Foam & Seating
We have worked with foam since its introduction into the furniture industry in the early 1960’s.  Over the years we have seen foam’s quality and durability advance with modern innovation to a point where we feel it is comparable, and in many cases, better than spring seating. Our upholstery technicians have also perfected the technique of layering foam; producing seating that is very durable while being comfortable. With these techniques and materials we are able to design custom foam seating that has the longevity and continued comfort desired for any commercial project.

Recommended commercial fabric companies:
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