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  SIS Auto and Furniture Upholstery  

Sis Upholstery dates back to FX Sis, founder of the company, who worked in Germany as a master upholsterer. Today, three generations later, we carry on the expertise and passion that Sis Upholstery was founded on. We can take care of all of your furniture upholstery needs, from recovering your existing furniture to bringing an antique heirloom back to its original glory to custom furniture builds.

At present, we are not re-upholstering furniture. We anticipate that we will begin again once we have trained additional master upholsterers.

Examples of furniture upholstery services Sis Upholstery provides:

  • Recovering – Often used when existing fabric or padding is worn out or if you want to change fabric to match certain décor; we are able to meet your recovering needs. 
  • Bring Back to Original – If you have a furniture piece that has been re-upholstered or altered over generations, this includes wood that has been painted. Sis Upholstery will be able to restore the piece back to its original beauty and at the same time reinforce the frame, giving you many more years of use. 
  • Custom Build – Working closely with you, your architect and/or your interior designer our upholstery technicians can custom build furniture specific to your desires and needs. Whether a sofa, loveseat, chair or bench for a breakfast nook, window seat, entryway or any other seating needs, the piece will be custom and unique to your home.
  • Fabric Selection – Sis Upholstery has many fabric selections in stock. We can also provide sample books, online swatches and can provide suggestions to suit your needs and desires.

At Sis Upholstery, we also provide:

  • Gluing
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Canning - Hand & Pre-woven
  • Many more

Contact us for all of your upholstery needs.

Note: If your furniture does not need fabric recovering / reupholstering, but simply needs to be repaired please visit our Repair section. Most times, if the fabric is in good shape, repairing the furniture is often the most cost effective way to go.

Repair (click to reveal information)

Often time’s individuals need an upholsterer not to recover a furniture piece, but to repair it.  This is one side of the upholstery industry that people tend to overlook. At Sis Upholstery, we are often able to repair the problem for far less than it would cost to recover the piece. With three generations of upholstering, we are master problem solvers and many times can find creative solutions and options to fix your problem. 

The furniture industry has changed its manufacturing techniques over the last generation, making the furniture you purchase disposable instead of long lasting. This is accomplished by using lower quality materials - from the foam and fabric, right down to the wood structure. The furniture is made to last for about 5-10 years, far less than a lifetime. This type of manufacturing is intentional, so you as a consumer must buy new again. With this shift in the furniture industry, repairs are often needed.

First, a few tips when buying new furniture:

  • Make sure the mechanism has a lifetime warranty
  • Look for solid hardwood frames
  • The fabric content should be nylon or polyester; these types of fabric add longevity to the piece (cotton is the worst wearing).
  • Be sure to ask about the store’s warranty and where/how they make repairs while the furniture is under warranty (they should have it repaired by a professional upholsterer)

Next, when furniture repairs are needed, Sis Upholstery is able to fix the problem, often times making the piece better than when it was manufactured. We find cushions often wear down quickly because quality foam is not originally used. This is an easy repair – corrected by replacing the foam core of the cushion with high resilience 2.5# or higher foam. Estimates for this type of furniture repair are easy to calculate – Contact Us via e-mail with the number of cushions and the cushion dimensions (length, width, height).

There are numerous other furniture repairs; at Sis Upholstery we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle them all. The most effective way for us to provide an accurate estimate is if we can receive photos of the piece. Contact Us via e-mail, send pictures, a description of the problem and your contact information (phone number, name, etc.). Certain repairs can easily be handled by the customer, in those situations we will gladly provide instruction and answer any questions you may have.

Note: The best way for us to provide any estimate is by receiving an e-mail with pictures of the piece, a detailed description and a phone number where we can reach you at to discuss your needs and wants.

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